Fire, water, leaf–in The Way of Tea, the elements are embraced and transformed in our heart’s depth, felt as awareness. From heart to hands, from hands to cup, from cup to lips, every step is deep, slow, conscious and graceful. This moment is complete as the cup is filled and emptied. In the movement of a tea session–heating, pouring, tasting–energy and nature are brought together in harmony and transformed through love. While cultivating skill, sensitivity, and discipline, we serve tea in gratitude, healing our soul through offering.

He-ing, she-ing, being–in The Way of Sex, awareness is tenderly separated from appearance while holding together in desire, two bodies entangled in unresolved love. Regardless of gender, he relaxes as the conscious one, while she appears, resists, surrenders, and plays as all. We embody this moment as polarity, the endless humor of sudden tussle, and no effort is made toward peace. His body rests already empty as the unborn. Her body dances already full as creation. Embracing in devotion, gazing into each other’s hearts, he knows nothing, she shows everything, as wild life shines already gone.

In Cha Dao, the one gives rise to two, the two to many, unified and transformed in the crucible of alchemical tranquility, served as loving-kindness. In Sex Dao, the many are embodied as two, the two know themselves as one, whispering hello to itself in revelation, two-bodied flowery combat offered as love’s yes.

For those leaning toward the harmony of wholeness, The Way of Tea. For those inclining toward the tango of opposition, The Way of Sex. Practiced fully, they are the same: nothing happens, everything moves, and this moment’s fullness dances empty, just as it is, as you.

Join us for a deep dive into the heart of authentic practice, and learn to do nothing as love drinks itself open, now.