The Third-Stage: Making Love Beyond Sharing Needs

//The Third-Stage: Making Love Beyond Sharing Needs

The Third-Stage: Making Love Beyond Sharing Needs


David Deida – Live Recordings
Year: 2008-2009
Length: 1 hour
Format: Instant download mp3

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Talk Topics:

  • Living fresh through learned practice
  • The sexual hobbyist vs. sexual artist
  • Training the body for pleasure
  • Healthy and degraded use of drugs and substances
  • When do sex and drugs go together?
  • Selfishness, sexual addictions, and substance use
  • Using alcohol for spiritual practice
  • Growing through stages of food and sex
  • Understanding the three stages of diet
  • Never getting the love you want
  • Attracting men who don’t want to feel your needs
  • Being born as a giver of love
  • Learning deep sex is as painful and clumsy as learning to play violin at first
  • Relieve your man of constraints
  • Make art now since chores never end
  • Happiness is giving the gift that you are
  • Your value is the state you are radiating now
  • Why are you with your chosen woman?
  • Enjoying relationship as crucifixion
  • Learning to feel your woman’s heart deeper than she can
  • Navigating subtle feminine cues
  • Choosing to cultivate sexual polarity or not
  • Great practitioners fail often
  • Understanding feminine drama and love’s transmission
  • Why women reject the love they want
  • Ruining years of love with one bad moment
  • How to rectify mistakes instantly and creatively through humor
  • Mistakes make for great sexual artistry
  • Playing the sex-slave and ass-kicker in committed intimacy