Blue Truth by David Deida

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Table of Contents

Life & Death

1 Love Fully and Die
2 Feel Before Memory
3 Give Everything Now
4 Unfold Your Heart
5 Resist Nothing
6 Breathe Everything
7 Wear Everyone’s Shape
8 Offer Yourself as Love
9 Unclench as if Asleep
10 Relax as You Are
11 Honor Your Depth
12 Open While Failing
13 Appreciate Dissatisfaction
14 Don’t Wait for Perfection
15 Do Love Through Your Body
16 Be Reminded by Jealousy
17 Express Who You Really Are
18 Live as Love
19 Remain Open When Disgusted
20 Undo All Effort

Love & Sex

21 Allow Love’s Hurt
22 Recognize Your Refusal
23 Let Love Live as Anger
24 Permit Your Heart’s Wild Passion
25 Live Your Heart’s Truth
26 Ravish Beyond Safety
27 Enjoy Flowery Combat
28 Unguard Your Sex
29 Don’t Settle for Fulfillment
30 Be Free as Love Now
31 Shine as Love’s Light
32 Play Sexuality as Art
33 Open Deeper Than Need
34 Trust Him More Than Yourself
35 Exaggerate Sex to Liberate Love
36 Hold Nothing Back
37 Offer Sex for the Sake of All
38 Awaken Sexually as Bliss and Emptiness
39 Be Alive as Gifting