Dear Lover by David Deida

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Table of Contents

1 You are Love
2 Chocolate Love
3 Yearning Is the Key to Love
4 The Gift of Making Love
5 Spiritual Sexiness
6 Orgasmic Love
7 Love and Fear
8 Your Sexual Essence
9 Your True Heart and Its Shells
10 Offering or Betraying Your Heart
11 The Two-Bodied Play of Love
12 Loving Larger Than Fear
13 Trusting Your Man to Open You
14 You Attract Your Reciprocal
15 Why Men Hold Back
16 Your Force of Attraction
17 Your Man Is Your Choice
18 Expressing Pleasure and Hurt
19 Masculine Insensitivity
20 How to Stay Open
21 Opening Beyond an Impasse
22 Ending Relationships and the Him-Shaped Void
23 Three Stages of Loving
24 Love Is a Living Art
25 Showing Your Heart’s Light In Public
26 Choosing Abuse and Refusing Love
27 Wanting to Be Opened
28 A Summary of Trusting and Opening
29 Goodbye