Finding God Through Sex by David Deida

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Table of Contents

Part I: Surrender

1 Surrender Everything
2 Surrender Through, Not To
3 Surrender Only Into Love
4 Surrender Beyond Emotions
5 Make Love to Obliterate Your Partner in Love
6 Let Go of the Body
7 Unguard Your Heart

Part II: Openness

8 Do Sex As Open Feeling
9 Free Attention in the Midst of Pleasure
10 Go Out, Not In
11 Always Make Love With the Divine
12 When Your Partner Hurts You, Give Your Partner Love
13 Feel Through the Tension of Attention

Part III: Desire

14 Magnify Desire Through Sex
15 Convert Animal Lust to a Fury of Love
16 Use Desire as Transmitter of Gift
17 Never Break the Thread of Sex
18 Be Sexually Available to Love
19 Use Your Dark Side to Increase Energy
20 Use Domination and Submission to Magnify Desire and Polarity
21 Embrace Your Darkest Desires in Love

Part IV: Remembrances

22 Honor Feminine Inspiration
23 Combine Sexual Energy With Consciousness
24 Earn the Feminine’s Trust
25 Worship the Divine Through the Form of Your Partner
26 Do Sex to Serve Others
27 Do Sex to Enlighten the World
28 Make Love As If Death Were Imminent