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Wild Nights

Conversations with Mykonos about Passionate Love, Extraordinary Sex, and How to Open to God

Meet Mykonos: scurrilous madman—and voice of truth. Wild Nights, David Deida’s autobiographical novel, presents a remarkable account of his days with the unconventional teacher who revealed to him the deeper wisdom of the erotic path to the divine.

Mykonos challenges our understanding of what makes a spiritual life. Brutally candid, he offers his teaching to anyone ready to listen, with an uncanny ability to see into the hearts and minds of his students better than they can their own. Charged with provocative scenes of unbridled passion and play, Wild Nights explodes with spiritual insights into our choice to “open as love, or close and suffer” … yogic sexual techniques including circular breathing and expanding feeling beyond the self and into the heart of a lover … and why, for some, full sexual expression is a requirement of spiritual maturation.

For its honest depiction of the spiritual teacher and student relationship—and the questions it demands we ask about our own sexuality—Wild Nights proclaims David Deida a guiding light in the often cloudy realm of sex and spirit.

From Wild Nights:
“Women or God,” Mykonos said, “that’s the traditional choice for so-called spiritual men, you see. But it is a completely unnecessary choice. Women are God, sex is God, everything is God, and God is beyond everything, too.”